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A Reiki healing lasts 60 minutes. After a short intake you can lay down on the massage table. You can keep your clothes on and I will only ask you to take off your shoes. When you’re feeling cold I can place a warm blanket on top. After closing the eyes I will start giving you Reiki.

Reiki session
(+ Holistic Coaching)

Just let the Reiki energy flow through you and help you relax. Reiki can give you an energy boost, but it can also bring up emotions, feelings and/or insights. Sometimes you can feel certain body parts more than others. 

Holistic Coaching

During the Holistic Coaching we will look into your Reiki experience a bit further. What feelings and insights came up? I will also share my insights. During a Reiki healing I connect with my spirit guides, who share a lot of information on which body parts, chakras, traumas and/or blockages need attention and why? 

Afterwards we can set up a treatment plan for more guidance regarding your current situation, feelings or any blockages.

Reiki for friends/partners

If you are looking for a special event for you and your partner or friend, you can also book a special Reiki session together. The session will give more depth to your relationship and will highlight your beautiful connection. In this session I will tell you more about Reiki and I will offer you some customized exercises, especially made for the two of you. An amazing and unforgettable experience!

Reiki for Kids/Teenagers

Reiki is for everyone, so also kids, teens and young adults. Reiki can help them dealing with fears, nightmares, restlessness, insecurities and all sorts of pain like headaches.

Depending on the age a session lasts 30 – 60 minutes. The parent(s) is/are always welcome to join the session. When they are really little they can hold them to feel comfortable and safe. After the session we will have a little evaluation and it is possible to set up a treatment plan.

Reiki for animals

Reiki works very well on animals, big or small. The Reiki energy can help your animal when they are in pain, are feeling stressed or when they are behaving differently then they normally do. Like us humans they can feel a lot of energy (sometimes even more) and it can help them to feel more relaxed and happy to play with you again.

A Reiki session for animals lasts 20 – 30 minutes. To make sure the animal feels more at ease it is possible for me to come to your house.

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